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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Beavis and Bhutto

I've been waiting patiently for Tekne at Second Americano to weigh in on the unpleasantness in Pakistan. Still no luck. Absent her expertise, I'll just have to blindly bloviate. Nothing new about that. And it certainly won't disqualify me from writing a column at the NYT. So here goes.

Pervez did it. Or, let's just say he was "involved." No evidence. Just a gut feeling. The method of assassination, the poor security, the proximity to elections, the government lies about exactly how she died--it all looks bad for the General. At the very least, he got a heads up about an ISI plot and happily averted his eyes.

Maybe he even called Bush to get a green light and some advice on how to handle the post-assassination media blitz. Has anyone seen Ted Olson lately?


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