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Monday, January 28, 2008

Live Blogging the SOTU

9:16 pm. Surplus by 2012?

9:15 pm. He just started five minutes ago, and he's already through stimulus and making the tax cuts permanent? And now he's promised to veto any tax increase. Does this mean that we're going to get half an hour on Iraq?

9:14 pm. Taxes. "I welcome their enthusiasm." No Democrats are laughing?

9:13 pm. The economy is "uncertain"? If folks would just stop having these kitchen table conversations, wouldn't we all be better off?

9:12 pm. The collective wisdom of ordinary people? Man, we are screwed.

9:11 pm. I think the two parties can cooperate in writing checks to the voters in an election year, don't you? Free money!

9:10 pm. Is the state of the union strong?

9:10 pm. Does Cheney look ill?

9:07 pm. Lots of hand shaking. Booooring.

9:05 pm. I wonder if Boehner is going to cry tonite?

9:05 pm. Butterflies?

9:03 pm. Let's get this started.

9:02 pm. If Paulson is Lex Luthor, which super villain is Chertoff?

9:01 pm. Hank Paulson is like Lex Luthor, but without the competence (or genius IQ).

8:59 pm. Laura's bright red dress? Egad. Matthews is praising Laura's intellect now. Really? He just said she's "literate." Well, that is something, I guess.

8:55 pm. OK, so I'm going to give this a shot. If I get bored, I will stop. The early released text doesn't sound that promising, does it?


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