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Monday, January 28, 2008

More Live-Blogging

9:24 pm. Onward, to trade. And "purveyors of false populism"? What's false about it?

9:23 pm. Pell Grants for Kids? That's a weird idea. It's like the inverse of public education. Rather than assume that kids will attend public schools, it assumes that poor families should pay for school. That's the college model in the U.S. (for good or ill), but not the primary and secondary school model.

9:22 pm. Does Bush sound like he really cares about these domestic issues?

9:20 pm. He's really flying through the issues. Already to education.

9:20 pm. Did you see the dirty look the Dems got a few minutes ago with the balanced budget/surplus cheers (jeers)?


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