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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Food Shortages Hit Gaithersburg!

The NBC local affiliate here covered the worldwide food shortage this morning with a story about a Sam's Club in Gaithersburg, Maryland (suburban DC) that has limited rice purchasers to just three bags of rice (these are rather large bags). Yes, it is worse that you feared--they are rationing rice in the DC suburbs. The end is nigh.

Industry spokespeople assured us that "we have nothing to worry about." Riiiight. That's what industry spokespeople are supposed to say--like how dentists say, "you shouldn't feel this." The story said that there aren't really shortages, but that the retailer was concerned that local restaurants might start hoarding rice--yes, Thai restaurants in DC might start hoarding rice!--because of rising commodity prices.

I'm no economist, but . . . isn't food hoarding likely to cause commodity prices to inflate quickly? And why would Sam's Club of all entities want to prevent restaurants from buying as much rice as they want to buy? I mean, usually Sam's Club is in favor of selling shit, no? Am I to believe that our government cannot act in the face of looming economic troubles, but that Wal-Mart is looking out for the little guy?

The mind boggles, people.


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