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Monday, May 05, 2008

"Friend of the Little Man"

No, this isn't going to be a politics post. I have strenuously avoided campaign coverage for a couple of weeks now and have only a passing familiarity with the present state of the campaign memes. (This may be the first time I've skipped the Sunday shows two weeks in a row in years.) I do know that HRC has disparaged economists as elitists, which closes the circle. Harry Truman only wanted "one-armed economists." HRC only wants the severed hands.

What's been up here, during the blog silence?

House hunting continues, and we are close to making an offer on a place. So we may be moving this summer (to Capitol Hill). Preparations for other major events of the summer also continue, although I am far behind any reasonable schedule. The semester ended (hurray!), though, so I have more time going forward to prepare. All signs point to one hectic, event-filled July.

What else? Work has been busy, busy, busy.

Been loving the new episodes of BSG. Who is the twelfth Cylon? Any guesses?

Running has been pretty good. I've been getting close to 30 miles/week. The weights are progressing. I've lifted more than 200 pounds (bench press) on a few occasions, but I'm at a plateau on the pull-ups--nine pull-ups, OK, but ten? Can't do one more. I'll try again today.

I have not been finding time for the extracurricular reading lately and have fallen well behind the book-a-week pace I would like to maintain. I am reading a Dennis Lehane novel, Prayers for Rain, which is pretty good but too psychological . . . have I ever discussed this here before? I much prefer mysteries with money at the core of the story than those involving murders based on psychological motives. I just don't find psycho killer stories very interesting. But bank heists, drug deals gone wrong (a Pelecanos specialty), complex schemes to defraud (i.e., scams), now that's my speed.

But in a few weeks, we're going to the beach (Gulf Shores, AL) for a whole week, so I should get some quality reading time in then. Also, I hope, some quality kayaking (it's been awhile, although I did kayak once or twice last summer and I also went canoeing at least once, all on the Potomac), both on the Gulf and Mobile Bay.

Fantasy baseball . . . er, deserves a longer post. Let me just say that if you drafted a bunch of Tigers, you would have gotten off to a slow start. Like me. And if Ryan Howard was your first pick, egad, man! Howard is batting .167, with an OPS of .645. That's not a typo--.645. Jeff Keppinger, the shortstop of the lowly Cincinnati Reds, has an OPS of .746.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to think that everyone's a cylon. But now I would vote for Cain, Roslin, or Kendra Shaw, with Starbuck (and possibly Baltar) being reincarnated gods of some sort.

Word is that they definitely reach "earth" by the end of the series. So is it our earth? And, if so, what time period?


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