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Sunday, May 11, 2008


So made it to my third game in new Nationals Park last night, accompanied by the missus and mystery guest. It was not much of a game--for the Nats, at least--as they were blown out 11-0 by the surprising Florida Marlins. That was my first loss in the new ballpark, although, not counting the exhibition game, I'm just 1-1.

The thing I wanted to comment on--no, not Uggla's grand slam into the visitors bullpen, although that was cool--was actually Hermida's home run earlier in the game. Hermida (I believe it was he) hit a homer into the left field corner, just inside the pole. The fan who caught the ball waved it at the crowd and then threw it back onto the field. No problem, right?

Wrong. Stadium security briskly escorted the gentleman from the stands, to the loud booing of the crowd.

I can understand a rule against throwing objects (e.g., D batteries, snow and/or ice balls, beer bottles, promotional giveaways) onto the field, even a zero tolerance policy. But no exception for throwing back home run balls hit by the visiting squad?

The worst part was that the Nats made sure that the ball made it into the visitors' dugout, so Hermida could have the ball. Does that mean, for example, that if I'm at the game where a player hts his first career home run, and I'm lucky enough to catch it, that I would be penalized for throwing it back so the player could have it?


Any throwing-things-on-the-field story, of course, should end with Sam Wyche [edited]: "You don't live in Cleveland!" Link


At 5:26 PM, Blogger mikton said...

Uneffingbelievable does not fully describe how ticked I am with the Nationals and the new park! Being a full season ticket holder through the RFK years and now at this overpriced monstrosity of park has almost done me in. At least, Katz and the gang have finally wised up and started filling the $325 joking price seats (the highest in MLB-at least until next year) by giving them away to injured military personal from Walter Reed or the Bethesda Marine Hospital.

Anyway, Saturday night’s debacle adds insult onto injury and is the tipping point, for not only the shiz of product on the field, the complete gouging of the fan base at the concessions and a real kick in the arse for any reason to attend a game, that must END!

The security went too far, I have started the drumbeat and clamor that this little move by security has resulted in a curse that will haunt the Nationals for a long, long time.

After Wes Helms (not Hermida, but it might as well have been--I would rather gave up a homerun to Hermida then Helms) hit the homerun and the fan was escorted out of the stadium to the fans’ boos, the Fish then put up six more runs including the Uggla grand slam all in the same inning (that means they batted through the order). If that does not indicate the beginnings of a curse, I am not sure what does.

Except for maybe the game the very next day on Mother’s Day (btw Happy belated Mother’s day to all moms who might read this blog). Nationals had a 4-2 lead going into the eight inning, and Loser Ayala give up a two-run jack (off two pitches--first pitch, single--second pitch, homerun) to Hermida in the deepest part of the park. Okay, great! 4-4, it looks like we are more than likely headed into extra innings. Except for ahh Uggla then proceeds to jack one out of park, again to the deepest part of the park. Errr?

I am proceed to start my walk from the cursed field--I always hate not sitting through the entirety of a game. Before last year I never left early. This year, I have sat through two whole games out of about 7. Anyway, I digressed, As I am leaving Nationals get the first batter on base, promising? Maybe, not. Zimmerman, the stud, grounds into a double play. I chuckled and for once I was happy that I left before it was over.

I want to plug a another friend’s Hendo's Hutch and the rest of the gang provide wealth of information on all issues Nationals.


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Number Three said...

Mikton! Hey! Hello!

Please email me at the link above and let's talk soon. I changed numbers probably since last we talked.

Much is afoot here at the 3 household. Hope that married life is finding you well.

At 10:29 AM, Blogger mikton said... what?

At 11:40 AM, Blogger mikton said...

3--I tried the 1030 number. My cell has not changed. Home number is listed in Silver Spring, MD. Much is afoot here has well.



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