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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Product Placement

So when we moved to the new house, we moved the television from the 'living room' to the finished basement. The new house doesn't really have a 'living room.' It has a sitting room upstairs (first florr: sitting room, dining room, kitchen, and hall--it's a Hill house). But the house pre-dates teevee, so that room isn't designed for a CRT, or even a flat screen.

Thank goodness for the finished basement.

But I've noticed that with the teevee in the basement--I just watch a lot less teevee. It isn't on while cooking, or eating, it isn't just background all the time. I still watch some teevee. But not nearly as much.

This is probably very good for my state of mind. And I'm really sure that it's good for the baby.


At 6:39 AM, Blogger fronesis said...

As you know, I think there are a few things on TV well worth watching (mainly HBO, plus a couple of other things).

But I'm a MUCH bigger fan of only having the TV on when there is something (without commercials!!!!, i.e. DVD, HBO, BBC, or pre-recorded) to watch. I find background TV to be a form of evil.

You are clearly on the path to the good.


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