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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Vacation

Too busy being a beach bum (and a doting parent) this week to do much blogging. Let me just say that Traverse City is a great vacation destination for families. We've had great weather--not hot but warm enough for activities--and the restaurants here are very family friendly. And, you may be surprised, but there are some decent restaurants here. Maybe not great, but certainly good enough. Not that expensive, either.

And, yes, we're re-tracing some of my childhood haunts. We hiked up Sleeping Bear Dunes' dune climb yesterday, for example (photo below). One great thing about having a kid is that, in a sense, you get to be a kid again. You get to see things again, like a kid.

It's like remembering things that you CANNOT remember. Remember the first time you had ice cream? I don't. But I remember the first time Bee did. She liked it, but she didn't like that it was cold. Now, that's kind of the point of ice cream. Otherwise, it's sugary milk. But the first time YOU had it, I'm sure you thought one thing, at first . . . "this is COLD!"

Have a great week, folks.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Stephanie said...

These pictures are so cute :)

At 5:14 PM, Blogger tenaciousmcd said...

Great pics, 3. Bee looks like he's ready for the Hamptons, even if her daddy's not.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Wilson said...


At 5:13 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Hey #3,

Great pix and obviously you and I shared the same vacation haunts as kids. If you have a chance and you're still in the area, it's worth a day or two at Silver Lake, which also has decent sand dunes, but is warmer than the Lake they call Michigan, which is nearby if you want to go there too.


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