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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Roger Simon's Caribou Crush

Politico's Roger Simon has offered some of the dumbest commentary yet on Palin's bizarro resignation. I've seen him on Hardball multiple times since Madame Pitbull pulled her Roberto Duran gambit, and he's positively gushed over her daring. Apparently, the American people just loooove her, and no one does or will care that she bailed early on her only serious political job in a fit of celebrity ennui. It's all just a sign of her mavericky authenticity, even if she sounds like the world's least convincing bullshitter as she declares that quiting means "staying" and flopping means "fighting." I think he and Mika B. should get the villagers of the week awards: the farther removed you are from "real" America, the more you pander to a purely-DC projection of rugged heartland idiocy. Guest host Laurence O'Donnell is often a great BS detector as a guest, but he zips it up while sitting in Tweety's desk. And Andrea Mitchell? She goes all the way to fish camp for an interview and then softballs it! I feel like Bush never left.

Addenda: Oh, and a couple of other things! First, my favorite new yet oft-repeated MSM Palin spin: she won her debate with Biden (or at least greatly exceeded expectations). Er, no. And second, who announces they will resign in a few weeks and then immediately goes on vacation for a few weeks? On the taxpayer dime? I guess it makes about as much sense as the rest of it.


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