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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

All Over But the Cryin'. Oh, Wait. . . .

HRC seems to have gotten both MSM skewering and blogger sympathy after she broke down in tears today. For my part, I'm less bothered that she cried than why she cried. She didn't get emotional about the Iraq War, or endless tax cuts for the super-rich, or the collapse of rule of law under Bush. She cried because she thought she might lose the nomination, prompting her to whine that Barack Obama will take our nation "backwards." Sheesh. How narcissistic can you get!?

These two agree on almost every singe policy position. They're both relative newcomers to elected office. Yet the mere thought that we as a nation might be denied her extra special and oh so personal political mojo causes her to lose it and weep for our stupidity. Not a shining moment. I think she'll lose big tomorrow, and the nomination too. But if somehow she wins, the tears will get credit, and we're the ones who will look pathetic.


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